Our company aims

  1. to be a self-supportive, multi-functional facility oriented at serving its customers success and growth, while recognizing the importance of work safety & – environment, disaster & environmental recovery and prevention of accidents within the company but on group level, too.
  2. for zero work or workplace related accidents, work related illnesses and environmental related incidents.

In order to achieve above targets the company will focus on increasing efficiencies and a fast reply to local market needs for products and services and also by keeping a flexible attitude at all times. Close collaboration with all members of the Shin-Etsu Group is a key factor. Furthermore, we strive to become good corporate citizens in the Hungarian and EU environment, by:

  1. Enhancing our systematic business processes orientation and serving end-users with expected quality, short lead-times, cost effectiveness of products and adequate logistical services;
  2. Increasing our product range by expanding cutting and assembly process capacities for SR products and selecting adequate machinery for cutting TC products, while trying to expand the number of LIMS molded SR products; We aim to carefully design our processes in order to prevent risks occurring from any process change.
  3. Local procurement of raw materials and services, eliminating foreign currency risks; increasing profitability, shortening lead times and decreasing our ecological footprint;
  4. Defining mid-term goals for reducing environmental factors, according corporate Green Movement’s scope;
  5. Maintaining our certified quality system in line with IATF16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, while simultaneously preparing ourselves for upgrading to IATF16949; as well as complying with customer’s food-safe manufacturing process requirements;
  6. complying with SMETA 4 Pillar requirements, to express the importance of these principles in the company and within the company group as part of our global Corporate Social Responsibility;
  7. Adequately performing work-, environmental safety and business risk management based on periodical PDCA cycles for our business outlook and all business processes to avoid or at least to reduce the possible effects.
  8. Adherence and compliance to corporate and local regulations for internal control, work-, fire-, environmental safety, disaster recovery, etc.
  9. Periodically update our Business Contingency Plan to increase the stability of the supply chain as well as the safety of our employees and surrounding environment;
  10. We aim to increase our company’s value by setting up the processes more employee and environment friendly, based on latest confirmed, official information;
  11. Having a close and direct connection with all employees in order to maintain good atmosphere, safe, friendly workplaces to assure safe and environmental conscious functioning; In light of this, the company will not accept and will not tolerate discrimination in any form, be it religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, or physical disability. We do not tolerate harassment by a sexual assault or a dominant position either;
  12. Consciously and continuously seek to increase security, disaster prevention and environmental conservation by periodical training, by internal and external audits / inspections. Management is maintaining the level and seeking possibility improving employees’ skills and strives to keep the motivation high.

Main task and responsibility of management and all employees is to

  • contribute to increase the satisfaction level of all involved parties,
  • keep good contact with the local society in which we operate,
  • contribute to our company’s growth and to cover all legal obligations.

Basic concept of our integrated system is our aim to improve our environmental performance. We are targeting the optimal environmental solutions for our entire process flow. We are trying to minimize our waste diversity as well as quantity, to recycle where possible and in doing so decrease our ecological footprint.

We aim to keep our technical equipment in good conditions, to improve them continuously to assure safe and healthy working conditions.

We consider it important to establish good partnerships with our customers and suppliers (all involved parties).

We have defined and published quality and environmental goals and are monitoring them periodically in order to assure reaching our targets.

Based on joint responsibility we expect from all employees to actively participate in achieving our targets, and in improving our integrated systems. The progress of these actions I will closely follow up.



Release date: Győr, 2018.03.01.                                                                             Peter Lamberts / Managing Director

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